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Tayyip Erdogan Getting Support from All Around

Turkey Military Coup

A few days ago, President of United States Barrack Obama called Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and offered him US assistance after the military coup in Ankara and asked him to take strict action against the imposers of the coup and who tried to overthrow the democracy.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told that both presidents also had a discussion over US based Turkish cleric Gulen, whom Erdogen has blamed for the coup attempt. He added that if Turkey submits any extradition request, then it would be evaluated under the terms of the treaty between both countries.

On the other side, Russian President Putin and Erdogan will also be having a meeting in the early days of August. The ties got bad with Russia when Turkey shot down the Russian jetfighter on the Syrian border and Erdogan apologized over this last November.

However, both will be meeting up in Russia without disclosing the location for the meeting according to the Turkish presidential sources. Putin also called Erdogan to support him after the failed attempt of a military coup.

Turkey has also kept those pilots in custody that played role in downing the Russian jet fighter having links to the attempt of over throwing the government.

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