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The Legendary Boxer Muhammad Ali Dies at 74!

Muhammad Ali Dies at 74

Muhammad Ali, the man born to be a legend, a man with phenomenal skills and a genius mind departs at 74 in Phoenix hospital on Friday as confirmed by his family correspondent.

Spokesman Bob Gunnell blames respiratory issues known as Parkinson’s disease associated with Ali from last 32 years as the cause of his death. The three-time World Heavyweight Champion boxer was in the hospital since Thursday.

Gunnell also said the family is very obliged to receive prayers and best wishes all the way to this hard day seeking some privacy along with all this.

Muhammad Ali’s daughter Hana Ali showed her love with the father, declaring father as the love of her life. However, she was not the only one showing her love with Ali on this day. She was joined by the whole world.

Ali’s other daughter Laila ali, who herself is the former world champion boxer posted a previous photo of her father holding Laila’s daughter describing her love for the photo, she thanked everyone for the support.

Along with many other world greats, George Forman the boxer against who Ali stood victorious back in 1974 in a world heavyweight title match also showed his sympathies and love calling Ali a “Beauty”.

Ali was known to be a controversial person throughout his career and life, Donald Trump, the US presidential candidate, when said ‘Muslims should not be allowed entering USA”, Muhammad Ali was all there bashing out on him standing against the statement and also advising fellow Muslims to do the same calling it as a spiritual duty for Islam .

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