Trevor Noah calls Imran Khan as Pakistan’s Donald Trump

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah compares Imran Khan and Donald Trump

Trevor Noah, a South- African Comedian and satire artist host a famous Show “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah”. The show is famous all around the world due to Trevor Noah’s dauntless and satirical attitude towards the globes Social and political attitude.

Trevor Noah is never seen shy in calling out the world’s hypocrisy and politics that it brings along. With his satire, he actively acts as political commentator who highlight every single thing that is running wrong across the world.

In the recent episode of Noah’s Show, Trevor Noah compared Pakistan’s newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan to the US president Donald Trump.

Noah emphasized his argument by pointing to the Khan’s and Triumph’s background as both leaders belong to the Privileged families and both were famous for their good looks.

Trevor Noah presented in his show a khan’s throwback interview where he describes his lavish liar to “not to be that lavish” after all. Noah also says by pointing at a picture of the Khan’s old bedroom that he believes to be part of a Part of Pakistan’s Trump Tower.

Noah, a 34 year old TV host calls the khan an even tanner version of Trump. Noah added to his argument that media outlets also describe Khan and Trump similarity.

He supported his arguments by saying that Khan seems to contradict his arguments during his speech and the US president is also being accused of the same thing.

Noah went ahead in emphasizing his arguments by comparing the Khan’s and Trump’s career choice. Trump was seen doing Pizza adds, while Khan was seen promoting Pepsi.

Noah concluded his argument by joking the both in terms of marriages, “Trump had three marriages and so does Khan”. He also said that Trump consider Islam as bad, while khan lives in Islamabad”.

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