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Turkey Situation Controlled After Late Night Assault

Turkey Military Coup

President of Turkey on Saturday confirms that the situation last night that killed about 161 people when a deadly assault occurred between the Turkish Army and the Government while the civilians stood against the Army to defend the government.

The Friday clash between the different parties leads to the thought that was once promoted to be a model of democratic governance and economic prosperity. This whole lot of issues that disturbs the country last night is the latest worrying example for the country’s leading parties.

That was right 14 years after the current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s political party won the elections to get into power to rule the country, the breath taking images on the internet and social media of clothes and weapons of Turkish soldiers being laid on the local at Bosphorus Bridge gives the clear picture of the situation.

After the riots, the highly ranked military personals and the persons in the government have assured the government to inquire about the situation and give the name of the traitors who are also the mastermind of this whole thing less than the 24 hours of all that happened.

Important Airbase Closed

On Saturday, the U.S defense official also confirms that the key Turkey Airbase that the U.S military was being allowed to use by the Turkish government for the operations against ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq has been closed leading to the Friday night’s putsch.

The defense official also said that the operation is now stopped from that location by the government who promised to let them resume it as soon as they will be sure that the assets and elements are back in the hands of pre-government forces.

Despite of all this, the U.S planes that were already on air strike missions have been allowed to land back at the Incirlik airport and also added that there is no clear evidence of how long will it take to get things back.

According to the base’s website it is stated that the relative base was the base of U.S operations employing about 1500 U.S personnel.

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