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Unique Music Experience for the Deaf by Coke Studio

coke studio for deaf
Coca-Cola Pakistan has the brought biggest music platform of Pakistan, Coke Studio. Coke Studio has created a unique experience for the Deaf Community of Pakistan, before the launching of Season 9. This experience lets Deaf get the basic experience of music by innovative technology.

They can experience the music of Coke Studio on a special sofa or couch. The couch is embedded with hundreds of vibration engines and LED lights that are linked with the sound of being played. To get the experience visually, LED is also installed around the couch.

The setup invented in China. It was tested by a Coca Cola team, earlier this year, when it was first installed in Bangkok.  Faculty of Deaf School and a group of 8 students were taken to Bangkok to try the system. They enjoyed a lot and on their remarks Coca Cola Pakistan decided to get this system for Pakistan that can be used for long-term. So, more Deaf people can experience the music of Coke-Studio. However, the system is expected to reach in Pakistan very soon.

The General Manager of Coca Cola Pakistan Mr. Rizwan Khan said in a statement that Coca Cola encourages people to share their experiences and emotions other than brand quality. He said that almost 9 million cannot hear properly, and have not experienced the magic of Coke Studio.

He, the General Manager also added that he is now happy because now they can make those people a part of this unique experience. Like others who have been enjoying Coke Studio Seasons from last 8 years, the deaf people can also enjoy it now.

Richard Geary, the founder and the director of the Deaf Reach Program in Pakistan for the last 30 years collaborated with Coke Studio. He added that their collaboration with Coke Studio opened new experiences. He also said that it enables some opportunities for their success.

The Season 9 of Coke-Studio is the biggest and boldest show to be launched in the early days of August. This season will be featuring artist and many talented newcomers. As Coke Studio promised them to provide a launch pad for their career as it has been providing for others in the last 8 seasons of Coke Studio.

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