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US Elections: Sanders Promises Hilary to Work with Her to Defeat Trump

US Elections 2016

As the November is coming near, the Democrats and the Republican are in the field to get the hold of the White House.

The democratic senator, Elizabeth, is supporting Hilary all the way and she requests Democrats to unite behind Hilary. Warren also added that she would be standing by her and she wants Hilary to be the next the president of the United States and Trump don’t even get a place near the White House.

The Democrats took giant steps to unite their party.  As the Democrats got united, Sanders promises Hilary to work with her to defeat Trump. Sanders also said that Trump’s presidency would be a disaster for the US and he would work hard that Trump does not become the president of the United States.

Later on, a battle between Hilary and Trump started on Twitter, when Barrack Obama also came in favor of Hilary Clinton. Trump criticized Obama for supporting Hilary as Trump said that Obama wants four more years but no one else.

A tweet came from Hilary’s side saying Trump to delete his twitter account.
According to sources, that tweet was not by Hilary as there was no proper citation which Hilary uses, it was done by her staff.

The Americans are not satisfied with their government as they think they are losing their faith in dream of democracy. However, Donald Trump is being liked by all as he’s not taking money.

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