An End to Rabi Pirzada Showbiz Career?

Rabi Pirzada Video Leak

Pakistan’s solo singer, Rabi Pirzada, in her recent statement, said that she is going to leave the showbiz industry.

Rabi opened up on her video leak scandal that occurred a few days back, when her controversial videos went viral on social media.

In her recent tweet, she said “I’m quitting showbiz. May Allah forgive my sins.”

Rabi Pirzada Tweet

This was the latest message that she tweeted for her fans.

The Baluchistan born girl started her career as a singer in 2005, and then entered the showbiz industry as an actress.

Rabi Pirzada also hosted different programs as a host on different TV channels. However, her recent video leak scandal impacted her career immensely and for that she has decided to leave the showbiz industry.


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