Atlanterhavsveien: One of the Most Dangerous & Incredible Road Trips in the World


The Atlantic Road, situated in Norway, locally called as ATLANTERHAVSVEIEN, is a part of the Norwegian National road 64. This is near to Molde and Kristiansund cities located in the Norwegian coastline’s Midwest part. On the list of The Guardian, this road is ranked as the best road trips in the world.


This fascinating road has a lot to offer for the tourist attraction and there is a huge number of the local population as well as the foreign visitors who frequently visit this wonderful part of the world. The visitors use this road to go fishing for the cod and the other fishing from the bridges. There is one bridge that has specially been designed for fishing on this stunning road.


This is really a unique, incredible, and a dangerous stretch of the road that takes the tourists out to the beautiful ocean’s edge. This road, back in 2005, was voted as the “Engineering Feat of the Century” for Norway. Today, the world recognizes this road as the most beautiful ever road to drive in the world.


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