Autism Spectrum Disorders: Symptoms, Diagnosing and Treatments

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a group of many disorders that cause multiple disabilities to the infected person.  A large range of level of disabilities, symptoms and skills are included in the ASD. People affected from the ASD faces these types of problems in their lives:

  • Infected person suffers from lack of communicating and interacting with others.
  • They show repetitive behavior or show limited interests or activities in their life.
  • Symptoms that are shown after couple of years of their lives and cannot work well in schools, works and other areas of life.
Symptoms and Signs of the Autism Spectrum Disorders

The ASD behaviors in a person may firstly be identified by parents and the doctors due to their knowledge and experience. ASD behaviors in older children can be identified by the school staff later in their lives. It is not a necessity that everyone affected with the ASD will show all the behaviors as suggested above. But, many of them will show several behaviors during their lives. Here are some of the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders:

  • Strange behaviors and repetitive activities.
  • Lack of focus and interests.
  • They tend to over focus on many certain objects like moving parts.
  • Responding in a strange way in reply to the anger shown by someone else.
Diagnosing of ASD

ASD affected children’s behavior and development is noted by the doctor for the diagnosing. Children in young age are generally diagnosed at the age of two. Older children should be evaluated and diagnosed with ASD when a teacher or parent start rising concerns about the child’s social and communicating activities at school or work. ASD in adult children is very hard to identify. This is because at such age, these symptoms gets mixed up with and mistaken for any other medical disorders.

Some Risk Factors about the ASD

The actual causes of the ASD are still not known. But, there are certain studies that say that this is caused due to the genes and environment factors. Some basic risk factors include:

  • Boys have a higher chance of getting an ASD than the girls.
  • If any of your siblings is affected with ASD.
  • Older parents when gives birth to a child.
  • About 20% of the children affected by ASD suffer certain genetic conditions as well like fragile X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis and Down syndrome, etc.
Treatment of ASD

Treatment in the early ages and early stages of the disease may help in reducing and treating the disorders and help them learn new skills, and making them up to their strength. Having a wide range of issues on the spectrum means that it is very difficult to find the proper treatment for the disorder, but working close to your doctor and cooperating well with him helps you find the best treatment program for the disorder. A doctor may suggest some certain medications as well to treat some of the problems like irritability, anxiety, depression and aggression as well as many more things.

If you feel any strange activity with your children, must go to the doctor immediately and help him cure.


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