Derinkuyu: An Ancient Multi-Level Underground City in Turkey


The Derinkuyu, an Ancient Multilevel Underground City, is situated in the Derinkuyu district of the province Nevsehir in Turkey. This city has a depth of approximately 200 feet and it is large enough to shelter about 20,000 people along with their food stores and livestock. This city is known to be the world’s largest excavated underground city, located in Turkey. This is a part of the many complexes that are found across the Cappadocia. This is almost impossible to date the age of this underground city due to the fact that the stone cannot be carbonated.

It was Discovered in 1963


This underground city was first discovered in the year 1963, when there opened a cave wall that revealed the passageway to the underground city. This city could be closed with 1,000 pound stone doors from inside that can only be opened & leveraged from inside. There are a total of thirteen stories of this complex that goes deep into the ground.

Ventilation Shafts to Bring Air In


There are the 15,000 small ventilation shafts that introduce air to all the levels of the underground city, conveniently. There is also a large 55m ventilation shaft present that seems to be used as a well. The shaft also offers water supply to the villagers above and, if the external was not reachable, to those in hiding. Every single floor can be closed separately.

This city could accommodate about 30,000 people


This city had the capacity to accommodate around 30,000 people and had all the basic amenities that are found in the other underground complexes of the Cappadocia. There were the cellars, stables, wine and oil presses, chapels, refectories, and storage rooms.


Today, no one is absolutely certain about the fact that how it was created and what was the actual purpose behind the construction of this underground city. According to the ancient alien theorists, this city is thousands of years older than what is believed. They also believe that this underground city was created by the alien visitors, and then they abandoned this city later on.


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