Flying Cars: Is it Finally Happening, or Still a Pipe Dream!

Flying Cars

Jammed roads, annoying vehicle horns, and people chanting at each other! This thing has started to happen more often than ever before. Is it because of the massive increase in road traffic or the people today are losing patience? Wait a minute! What about a car that you can drive in the sky?

In the center of Miami, a glossy skyscraper ‘Paramount Miami World Center’ is under construction. It will be the very first residential building construction in the United States that will have a rooftop designed in a special way.

So, what is going to be ‘special’ about that rooftop of the glossy skyscraper? The rooftop is about to be designed for accommodating a ‘Jetsons-like’ future, when we would see cars flying in the skies.

In the middle phase of construction of this 60-story, $600 million residential building, the developers felt that there must be something extra for the rich, when it comes to living options. Therefore, they build one observation deck on the rooftop. This deck is two times bigger than the landing pads for the vertical takeoff and the landing vehicles, called flying cars, or VTOLs.

The grand opening of the tower is scheduled in the year 2020. Meanwhile, the reality of a flying car, where the commuters would be dropped at their home like the Amazon drone, might be still decades away, if it is going to happen ever.

The aviation giants, auto industry, and many startups are still in a race for producing air taxis and consumer-ready flying cars. Most of them are said to be completely electric.

Flying is Not Cheap!

Boeing and Porsche have paired up for working on the flying vehicles. However, it’s a serious question that who would afford to buy a flying car that would worth like $1.3 million?

According to Porsche and Boeing, the first commercial passenger drone is expected to arrive around 2025. There are various concept models that are supposed to be ready for the takeoff as soon as the next year.

The Hurdles!

Before the passengers travel towards their destinies in flying cars, there are still many hurdles that are still to be overcome. For the drivable aircrafts, there needs to be special batteries that are not yet ready. Apart from that, there are also the infrastructure and legislative hurdles in the way that can take even decades to clear.

Lastly, it is also not clear that whether or not people will feel comfortable with the vehicles that float around the neighborhood, drifting overhead or fluttering around the homes.

“What we are seeing today is the complete pile of the concepts that are not necessary solutions,” says the VP at the PAL-V, Mr. Mark Jennings Bates.

Let’s see what developments takes place in the upcoming years.


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