Getting Rid of and Preventing Cold Sores

Cold Sores
Cold Sores Definitely Look Unappealing!

You will never ever want cold sores on your face or any other place on your body. Yes, they are that painful indeed. They are not only cosmetically unappealing on one hand, but they are downright painful as well. As a known fact, they are caused by the herpes virus. This virus corrupts the skin and thus ends up in turning into a cold sore on that place.

What are Cold Sores?

These cold sores are some small and fluid filled lesions that generally pop up on the lips or around them. It is believed that there is no proper cure for the virus or these cold sores. However, there are some techniques that may help in the process to prevent from them.

  1. Use Vanilla

Vanilla that is pure, real and good can be a natural remedy for these cold sores. It is because it is based on alcohol. When running along the lines, it makes it hard for the virus to thrive. Even sometimes, it wipes out lessens, and then break down the length of the outbreak as well. If you do want to use vanilla, make sure that it is organic and try it by setting it up right the second when you start to feel the tingling.

  1. Snagging the Licorice

Amongst the few remedies and prevention techniques, one of them is by using the licorice. It is also believed to be the random natural remedy for the cold sores. Glycyrhizic acid is one of the ingredients that are found in the root of the licorice. It is known to be stopping the virus cells that are responsible for the cold sores by flowing through the nasty little tracks. It also helps in preventing the symptoms as well.

  1. Throw the Toothbrush

You should throw the toothbrush over when the blisters are formed as well as they can be dangerous to you. Also, you should toss the brush up when the sores are cleared. A toothbrush can be a perfect bus that can carry the virus. You can make it even worse for you by causing an outbreak inside your mouth, if you are going to use the same toothbrush more than once or over and over again. It can be a very preventive measure as it can stop the outbreak as well as it can cut it also.

  1. Another Benefit of Milk

One of the many benefits of the milk is, it can help speeding up the healing process in the cold sores case when applied a milk compress on the sore. The reason behind this is that milk contains proteins that are known by the name of immunoglobulin. They are a perfect fighter against the viruses such as the herpes. You are going to need a 1/2 cup to as much as 1 cup of whole milk, and a tablespoon or 2 extra. Cotton balls or the cotton pads will also be used.

You should also visit the doctor if you are finding it hard to get rid of these sores. Remember that they can be dangerous sometimes as well.

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