How to Get Rid of the Severe Acid Reflux and the Heartburn


Heartburn is a kind of a problem that mostly the grownups feel. It is experienced right behind the breastbone when a person feels a burning sensation that can lead up to the creeping of the throat as well. It is one of the most irritating things to face and can make you feel like you are not able to do anything to enjoy with the kids or with the family or to go out. In short, it can make you feel like you are not normal at times. Here are some of the techniques that can definitely help:

Using the Baking Soda

Baking Soda obviously has many uses. One of its important uses is to get you away from the severe acid reflux and the heartburn. You take one spoon or a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate at the time when you feel the burning sensation in the heart. It can put an end to the burning, gnawing, and that sensation of the heartburn that has been caused by the acid reflux. Acting as a base, the PH level of Sodium Bicarbonate is a higher than 7.0, that is why it is effective in this regard.

Using the Aloe Juice

Aloe, is most often used as a way to soothe the burns, or the pain caused due to the burning of any substance. It can also be used in the sunburns curing process. But, some people find it better than that and can feel that they can also be used in removing the heartburns. Drinking only a single glass of the aloe juice can be as effective as anything, when it comes to the relief in the heart burns process.

Chewing the Sugar-Free Gum

According to a general study conducted by the Journal of Dental Research, it is said that chewing a sugar free gum for like 20 minutes after you have had your meal can help you get relief from the heartburns. The reason behind this is that the chewing the gum stimulates the salving glands, which in turns results in increasing the flow of the saliva. This results in the removing of the burning sensation caused by the acid reflux.

Keep Your Head High

Heartburns can be very disturbing during the nights. That’s because you have to lie down and the gravity will work against you. So, you can help yourself out by placing some bricks under the legs of your bed under your head and keep it high during your sleep so that the acid does not back up into the esophagus along with other digested contents.

These tricks are known to be very helpful during the ancient times and can help you get relieved from the pain. But, if you are facing the same problem for more than a few days, then you should see your doctor as soon as possible and help him sort out the problem by describing it clearly.


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