How to Walk in Heels? Step-by-step Guide!

How to Walk in Heels

High heels are one of the ‘classier types’ shoes that every woman will love to own. If you are also a Fashionista, then you need to have at least one pair of high heels. Some girls, who are tall, believes that they are too tall and they can’t walk in heels. They need to think again as this is something that always adds a bit extra glamour to an outfit.

Today, we brings to you the answers to the question, how to walk in heels? In this guide, you, as a girl, will learn how you can walk gracefully in heels. So, if you don’t have a pair of heels or if you don’t wear them for any reason, then we are here to teach you a few interesting things that you might not know about these marvelous shoes.

Here are a few top tips from us that will help you walk gracefully in heels:

Do Not Start Big

If you have never ever used the heels before, then it is never a good idea to walk in a 5 inch heel as a novice. The rule is simple, you should start small! If you are using a big heel right from the first day, and then it can cause pain, and even an injury. You should start practicing using a smaller heel like a 2-inch heel in order to get used to it.

Do Not Walk Toe to Heel, Heel to Toe Rather

You may try to put your entire foot down in a single go, but this is something that is never advised. Why? This is because it will make the walk look very strange, when someone is wearing the high shoes. So, what is the right way? You should be putting the heel down first, and then your toe. This is to offer more balance and to make the stride look even natural.

Take Small Steps

When you are wearing the heels, then the stride will naturally become shorter. As a result, you will have to take more steps than normal. When you are wearing the high heels, then you should never expect yourself to walk as fast as you normally do.

Walk as if You are Following a Straight Line

If you wish to give your hips the same sway that all the supermodels are known for, then you should walk with your one foot in front of the other foot. Assume, as if you are walking on the ground and following a straight line. This is also a good idea to spend some time walking in a straight line in a floor or at a basketball court.

See How Top Models Do It

You can watch online tutorials by downloading a video from YouTube and see how the top models use to do it. Watch how these models walk on the ramp wearing the high heels and try to copy their moves. You can also practice it using a mirror till the time you feel you have started to do it the right way.

Practice… Practice… and more Practice!

At last, we will suggest you to practice as much as you can. You should know that practice is the way to get perfection in anything. If you want to walk like a pro in high heels, then practice it as much as you can. You can practice it outside, upstairs, slippery floors, and carpets to gain perfection. No guide is effective unless you don’t practice it on a regular basis. You should take it as any other skill and work on it to get the best results.


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