HPV: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


What is HPV?

A disease which consists of more than 150 viruses and each virus is hazardous. It contains further types, some of which also lead to cancer. More than 40 of its types affect sexual organs of both males and females. But, with proper vaccination, its infection can be prevented from most common types of HPV.

Causes of HPV

Generally it is spread by people who already have this infection. It spreads by touching others or when HPV patient’s skin comes in contact with someone. General contact includes sex with each other. It could be vaginal, anal or oral sex. HPV types cause sexual warts that are tough and rough lumps that grow on the skin. They commonly damage your skin near your anus, which makes it easy to spread through sex and physical contacts.

It is the most common virus which is spread through sex. Anyone who is sexually active can have HPV even if that person has sex with only one person.

Symptoms of HPV

Amazingly, this deadly disease has no symptoms in the early stage. If you are infected, you may get to know about this after a year or more if you had sex with an HPV infected person.

In men, sexual warts usually occur on the penis and scrotum or near the anus. In women, sexual warts mostly occur on the vulva, but it can also appear near the anus, on the cervix or in the vagina. Sexual warts rarely cause soreness or pain, though they may itch.

Common warts seem as rough, raised bumps and usually appear on the fingers, elbows or hands. In most cases, common warts are simply unsightly. But, they can also be painful or susceptible to injury or bleeding.

Plantar warts become hard with grainy growths that usually occur on the heels of your feet. These warts might cause discomfort, pain and irritation.

Treatment of HPV

This transmission of HPV from one to another can cause sexual warts or abnormal. Unusual cell changes in the cervix and other genital areas that may lead to cancer.

While there is no such cure for HPV that can remove it completely or treat it, but there is good news that the infection often removes and destroys itself on its own. If it does not go away by its own and treatment is needed, then there are many HPV treatment options.

There are vaccines for treatment, both for males and females, which could prove to be helpful in removing this sickness. So far, there are three vaccines available for its remedy and cure which are:

  1. Cervarix
  2. Gardasil
  3. Gardasil-9

These vaccines could be proof handy in case you have this issue of HPV.

Ratio in Countries

Mostly HPV cases are found in European countries or in countries which have more unmarried sex culture. In America, the rate of this disease is so high that 80 million people in the U.S.A are affected by this and 40 out of 100 get this by sex. Other countries are also affected and steps are taken on a daily basis to control this.

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