Imran Khan Arrives in US for the All-Important Meeting

Imran Khan meeting Donald Trump
Meeting Between Imran Khan and Donald Trump is Scheduled on Monday, 22nd July

After a long time, there is a great hype that is doing the rounds on social and digital media about a Pakistani Prime Minister’s visit to America. Imran Khan has finally arrived at the US soil for a crucial visit and he will meet President Trump on Monday!

Before his visit, the American authorities presented a report to the President Donald Trump about Pakistani Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan. The report calls Imran Khan as an honest, stubborn, and fearless leader. This report is being circulated immensely in the news these days.

In this article, we will also discuss some other important subjects apart from the Imran Khan’s visit to the America, such as the meeting of the Qadiani leader with Trump and the arrest of Mr. Hafiz Saeed just before Khan’s visit.

America Seeks Pakistan’s Favor over Two Major Issues

1.  First, America wants to leave Afghanistan as per their terms and conditions, leaving their tails behind. However, Afghan Taliban and also Pakistan want complete evacuation of the American troops from the Afghan soil.

2. The second matter on which America seeks Pakistani cooperation is CPEC (China-Pak Economic Corridor). Here, the important thing to understand is that CPEC is going to provide China a secure passageway from American interference and Russia, an access to the hot waters.

America Will Try To Pressurize Pakistan with Three Things

For the attainment of their objectives during Khan’s visit, America would try to pressurize Pakistan by 3 factors. These factors include Pakistan’s current economic condition, terrorism, and the human rights violations issue.

How Pakistan Planned So Far

The Pakistani think-tank has already done calculations for all such things to deal with the American leadership before this important visit.

1. Terrorism:

Pakistan has already arrested several people, including Mr. Hafiz Saeed, whose name America may use in the meeting of the leaderships to pressurize Pakistan. Now, if America asks about any of such persons, then Pakistan can easily tell America that they have already banned all the Jihadi Organizations and have their leaders under custody for interrogations. That would definitely end the American arguments there.

The recent tweet from the Donald Trump about Hafiz Saeed’s arrest reveals his anger and huffiness because of the smart card played by Pakistani think-tank.

Trump called Hafiz Saeed ‘So Called Master Mind’ and discussed the timing of his arrest in an ironic way in his tweet.

2. The Human Rights Violation Issue:

Have you ever thought why the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif got a clean chit in two important cases even after having all concrete evidences? Why Mariam Nawaz Sharif and Hanif Abasi are living freely out of jail after they were proved guilty? A few strings of bureaucracy and judiciary are still in their hands who have robbed this state for over 3 decades.

All those hands are now assisting America to exert more pressure on Pakistan. In this regard, they have sent the Qadiani leader before Donald Trump, who gets a warm welcome from America and also released a video showing him as ‘innocent’.

How Pakistan Can Respond:

However, Pakistan can strongly answer it by saying that the Qadiani people have access to all rights that other non-Muslims have in Pakistan. For instance, they are living a lavish lifestyle, doing business, and have been appointed at many important posts.

As far as that Qadiani leader is concerned who recently met Trump, he was caught perpetrating audacity (Toheen-e-Rasalat) that even if a Muslim commits, would be treated the same way according to the Pakistani constitution. Many other people are also under trial in Pakistan for the same wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, PPP, PMLN, and MQM (under the umbrella of PTM) have planned to protest in front of the White House during Imran Khan’s visit. This also seems like a tactic to exert more pressure on Pakistan, when Prime Minister Imran Khan would be talking to the Donald Trump.

In Pakistan, all PTM leaders and workers have been released yesterday by the Peshawar High Court, apart from those who attacked security men. It means that they are now free to strengthen PTM.

On the other hand, Pakistanis in huge numbers are planning to protest against the terrorism of PTM. Here is a suggestion for all such Pakistanis who want to protest against PTM:

Mr. Parkhy, the brother of the martyred Malik Matorkey tried to file an FIR against Manzoor Pashteen and other leaders of the PTM that was rejected by the Bannu High Court. All such patriotic Pakistanis should raise their voice to give justice to Malik Matorkey and Malik Abbas and to expose the PTM terrorism in front of the world.

3. Economy:

The third thing is the Pakistan’s current economic situation. In this regard, America can either threaten Pakistan or avarice them by offering something to stabilize economy. However, we should stay really optimistic that Pakistan can deal with all such ploys.

Pakistan’s Demands

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit would not be a one-way traffic at all as Pakistan would also expound some demands. Such demands would relate to the World Financial Organizations like IMF and other matters regarding Kashmir, India, and the proxies of NDS in Pakistan. Pakistan will have some other demands as well about money laundering and CPEC.

While talking about the China-Pak Economic Corridor, Pakistan must highlight the fact that the United Nations has declared CPEC as a supreme project for humanity.

Let’s see who would succeed in convincing the other party and to what extent at the end of this visit.

Writer: Zeeshan Ahmad

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