How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair (Razor Bumps)

Ingrown Hair

We all go through this phase, when we found ourselves in a position where a small little ingrown hair can be as painful as anything to you that it is sometimes hard to remove as well and you end up having and sucking the pain in you. These little hairs can also spoil your look as well that you were expecting after the shave or waxed you have done. Apart from the looks, the main part is that they can be dang painful and irritating at the same time as well. So, there are some natural remedies and ways that you can go through to get rid of them.

Get the Odd One Out

As a matter of fact, nobody mostly tells but there is a sigh of relief and a relaxing moment when you put the sucker, the ingrown hair out. It can make you feel better after some very frustrating time. But, there are some right and the wrong ways of doing it. Wrong way is that you try to put it out with the fingernails, in the process, you get the success, but end up finding yourself in a very high chance of getting a dangerous infection. SO, try using the sterilizer or the sterilized tools to remove that hair.

Using the Baking Soda

Don’t know how many times will be writing about the remedies and see about the fact that the baking soda is involved in almost every problem that at least I have gone through. If you are not a master in plucking the odd hair out, you can probably use the baking soda paste as well. Apply it on the hair and wait for it to break the surface where the hair is grown and then pluck it out. You can also put some coconut on the skin as well in order to make it soft after the hair is plucked out.

Tea Tree Oil Can Help

Tea Tree Oil is a very key product to use on something that can be pesky as well as painful, such as the ingrown hair. That is because of its antiseptic properties that it can help stave off the infection and can shorten the healing time as well. Apart from all this, it can also ease the discomfort and the inflammation as well. All you are going to need is 2 tablespoons of olive oil, A dark glass bottle, Cotton swabs and 15 drops of tea tree oil.

However, Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is another good ingredient that can help in this case as it is very good at removing the irritation that you can get via this ingrown hair. But, the people with the sensitive should not use it as this is not their thing to play with. In any other serious case, or in the case of an infection, rush to the doctor and explain the issue and get the medicine that can be of any use to you in getting rid of it as infections are the most irritating things in the world if I am to say about them.

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