Police Investigating Jungkook, the BTS Star, after a Car Crash

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The Jungkook, K-pop icon, has been under an investigation by the police after a car crash reported in Jungkook’s native Seoul

Reports have been coming from the South Korea, involving the BTS star in a recent car crash.

Police has been investigating the Jungkook after the allegations that he caused the car crash collision.

In Seoul, the Yongsan Police Station reported that they are questioning the singer for the violations of the ‘Road Traffic Act”.

It has been claimed that the twenty two years old Jungkook crashed his Mercedes into a cab on 2nd November, 2019.

After the crash, both taxi driver and the singer suffered mild injuries. Both got treatment in the nearby hospital.

One police official stated that they cannot yet confirm the incident details. “We are investigating the incident details.”

The BTS is currently known as the most successfully recognized pop group, internationally. These days, they are n number one spot on iTunes in 65+ countries.

The band consists of 7 female members – Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, RM, Jimin, V and Jin.

BTS was made in the year 2013 and they got remarkable success, globally, within no time. They are recognized for the precisely designed dance style as well as their young good looks. The musical band has been able to build a great fan following across the world.

Back in 2018, the BTS was the first ever pop group of Korea that addressed the UN (United Nations) where they talked about overcoming the insecurities.

After that, the band has been on higher ranks on the US charts because of “Love Yourself’, their album. In 2017, they were the first ever Korean band to perform on the floor of American Music Awards.

In 2018, Jungkook was named 8th in the list of the most loved celebrities in the South Korea. He also has been recognized as an influential role model in the South Korea.

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