Trachea, Bronchus, and the Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

  1. Trachea

Trachea which is also termed as the windpipe is a tube that is 4 inches long and in most of the people. It is less than an inch in diameter. Trachea starts from just beneath the larynx, which is also known as the voice box, continues behind the sternum or breastbone. Two small tubes are emerged from the trachea, which is one bronchus for each of the lungs.

Composition of the Trachea is so that it contains 20 rings of hard cartilage and their back part is made up of connective tissues and muscles. Mucosa is the smooth and moist tissue that lies on inside of the trachea. When a normal person breathes in, the trachea gets shortened and compressed and gets widen on breathing out.

Conditions of the Trachea

  • Tracheal Cancer

Symptoms of the trachea cancer can be difficult breathing and coughing   and it can be a way too rare also.

  • Tracheomalacia

In the adults, it is caused by an injury or due to the smoking. But in adults, it is due to the birth defect. Rather than being rigid, it is soft and floppy.

  • Tracheal Stenosis

Due to inflammation inside of the trachea, narrowing and scarring of the windpipe can be occurred. And if it gets severe, a surgery is needed immediately to treat it to come back to the normal.

  • Tracheoesophageal Fistula

An abnormal channel results in the connection of the esophagus and the trachea. The transportation of the passage swallowed food from the esophagus to next place can lead to some dangerous lung problems.

  • Tracheal Obstruction

Due to a certain problem like a tumor or any other growth problem can lead to the compressing or narrowing of the trachea that can lead to the difficulty in breathing. A proper surgery for the treatment is needed to reopen the trachea so that the tumor can be ended.

  1. Bronchus

The Bronchi are known to be the main part in the lungs that can take the air from outside when someone breaths and get it pass to the Larynx. Trachea then plays its role to take this air to the left and right bronchus. The closer the bronchi gets into the lung tissue, it starts getting smaller than its original shape and a position came where they are known as bronchioles.

The passages from where the air travels, then get to be divisible into some small air sacs and they are called as alveoli then. Alveoli are the area or place where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place in the lungs.

Primary bronchi are situated on the upper side of the lungs while the secondary bronchi are located in the centre. And there are other tertiary bronchi which are located at the bottom of the mentioned organs above the bronchioles.

Bronchitis Directory

Due to the irritants or any sort of infection in the lungs, bronchi become swollen and results in bronchitis, which makes the process of breathing in and out very difficult for the normal person. Apart from this breathing issue, the mucus and phlegm of the infected bronchi is much more than the one which is not.

Bronchitis is a dangerous kind of infection that normally ends in about 6 weeks to as long as 2 years.  Hacking cough that results in producing more phlegm in the lungs and difficulty in the breathing are the symptoms of the bronchitis.

Treatment of the infection is done by stopping the man himself from smoking, taking more rest and many kinds of fluids. In some cases, oxygen supplementation and inhaled steroids become a necessary part of the treatment.

  1. Lungs Cancer

Lung cancer is said to be the most dangerous type of the cancers as it is known to be killing most people than any other cancer does. It is known to be affecting both men and the women. It affects both husbands and wives around the globe, friends and families, neighbors and many other community members surrounding the affected.

In 1986, Lung cancer replaced breast cancer as the most dangerous killing most men and women than other cancer in the United States of America. Lung cancer is blamed to be killing over 157,000 people in America just in the year 2015. Looking at the stats it can be obviously clear how dangerous and viral the lung cancer can just get.

Lung cancer is very difficult to detect in its early stages, and  it can be very hard to treat in its later stages. The most common type of the lung cancer is the stage IV non-small cell lung cancer and it is known to be killing most people than any other type did.

Causes of the Lung Cancer

The exact cause of the disease is still not found by the researchers. But, there are certain studies that say there are cells that can get cancerous due to some risk factors.

These risk factors could be exposure to the air pollution, genetics and smoking.

The main factor that causes most men and women to suffer from the infection is the smoking. In 1876, there was a machine that was invented to make cigarettes that provided cheap tobacco products to almost everyone. Before the invention the rate of lung cancer in the people was very rare. But it reached to a dramatically higher value after that innovation.

Now, it is being said that, over 90% patients of the lung cancer are affected and catch the disease from smoking too much. Other factors that made the other 10% are toxins, pollution, radon gas and some other factors as well.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

A list of the symptoms of lung cancer includes:

  • Coughing
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Chest pain and shortness of breath.

Diagnosis/Treatment of Lung Cancer

A short screening test is taken from the samples of the patient. And if the results are positive, pathologist has to go through different steps to check his cells and hence a proper treatment process is started.


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